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Mary leaves a packet of papers and goes to Gilda on the TV news

Mary leaves a packet of papers and goes to Gilda on the TV news

After much suffering at the hands of Gilda (Mariana Zimnes), Mary (Camila Keyrouz) will finally have a trump card against the villain in Perfect Love. Gilda will fall for a financial scam devised by the young woman and will be furious. You will go to Mary’s house to answer questions.

In scenes due to air from Episode (19) this Saturday of Globo at 6am, Gilda will be informed by Erico (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) that the shares in which she invested a large sum of money from the hotel have gone under.

That is, the villain followed the instructions of Nelson (Romulo Weber), a financial specialist, and fell into a hole. In fact, Nelson is a friend of Mary’s who deliberately gives the villain bad advice.

“These stocks, in which I have invested 60,000 Cruzeiro from the hotel vaults, have fallen hard. The money has gone down the drain—to use an inelegant expression—and, Thanks to you, the hotel is seriously damagedErico warns.

“It’s not possible, Erico! I had better references than that metallurgist and that stockbroker!” Gilda says, feeling despondent. “You should have been more careful. And above all, you should have consulted the council, as I have recommended.” […] I’m sorry, but you’ll have to deal with the consequences and explain it to the board. “I will hold an extraordinary meeting,” the lawyer said.

Gilda will ask him not to schedule a meeting yet, so that she has time to contact an investment specialist. Vixen will then remember that Nelson has mentioned that he is a friend of Mary. She will connect the dots and suspect the girl set out to hurt her.

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An angry Mariana Ximenes character will go to Mary’s house and confront her. “It was you who set up this monument against me, wasn’t it, Mary?? ”, you will ask. The protagonist will be delighted with the position of the challenger.

A series by Duca Rachid and Julio Fischer, also written by Eliseo Lopez Jr., has been on the air since March, with its final chapter scheduled for September 22nd. The plot would be replaced by a remake of Elas por Elas (1982).

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