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Halloween in Brazil: see how celebrities dress

Halloween in Brazil: see how celebrities dress

The celebration of Halloween, officially on October 31, has gained increasing importance in Brazil and many celebrities have become passionate about producing costumes. This year, the themes reference horror movie and cartoon characters.

It is worth noting first that the origin of the party is the United Kingdom, and the word Halloween is a word derived from “All Hallows’ Eve”. This tradition arrived in the United States in 1845 – when about a million Irish people immigrated to the country due to the period called the Great Hunger. Soon the customs spread throughout the country and acquired their American character. Like, for example, the pumpkin, which has become a symbol of Halloween.

The catchy phrase “trick-or-treat” also appeared in the United States in the mid-1920s, when Americans began playing pranks on this date. The costumes came into use after a “prank” in October 1938.

Currently, Halloween has surpassed Valentine’s Day as the largest non-Christian holiday in the United States. Over the years, this date has become a thing of the past and today the celebration has become synonymous with unity and fun in many countries, including Brazil.

Watch celebrity fashion:



Pablo Vitar


Camila Loris


Mesa and Joao Guilherme

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