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Marina Silva is the target of Lyra’s ridicule

Marina Silva is the target of Lyra’s ridicule

president ParliamentArthur Lira mocked Marina Silva’s service performance.

The irony occurred during the vote in the plenary session on the regulatory framework for wind energy generation Navy. Federal MP Glooper Braga (Psol-RJ) declared that the environment was against the text.

Representative Glauber Braga (left) and Chamber President Arthur Lira (right) during a hearing in the Council – 11/29/2023 | Image: reproduction

“I don’t know if that helps or hinders,” Lyra replied on Wednesday, 29 this month, which made the parliamentarians laugh. “with all respect.”

After the text was approved in the House of Representatives, the Bassoul body turned to Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco, in an attempt to obstruct the process.

Lira’s speech about Marina Silva’s ministry came after the CPI

Two days before the vote on the lira in the Council… Marina Silva made a statement before the Parliamentary Inquiry on NGOs.

During the session, the Minister of Environment avoided answering questions She became angry when asked about her connection to the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (Ipam), for which she serves as an honorary advisor. In 2022, Ipam received R$35 million from the Amazon Fund and spent 80% on salaries, travel and consulting.

Also at the session, Marina suggested that the head of the Italian Communist Party, Senator Plinio Valerio (PSDB-AM), is a racist, after the parliamentarian stated that the group had opened the “black box” of the third sector in the Amazon.

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