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Marcos mocks Hernanes, former Sao Paulo, after Paulistao title

Marcos mocks Hernanes, former Sao Paulo, after Paulistao title

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It’s unknown if it was a mistake, or if it was intentional, but “The Prophet” Hernanes, the former Sao Paulo Idol midfielder, ended up making fun of some of the characters involved with Palmeiras. It turns out that the former player rejoiced in the 3-1 victory over Palmeiras in the first leg in a very enthusiastic manner.

The way Hernans celebrated drew attention, as there seemed to be no way to reverse the outcome. Goalkeeper Weaverton sent a message to his idol Tricolor, saying that in football everything is decided on the field. Goalkeeper Marcos posted on his Instagram that Hernanes did not know there would be a second match. paying off:

“I am concerned when Hernans found out that the final had two matches” – Mark said.

After Bolistan

With the Paulista Championships over, Sao Paulo and Palmeiras are turning their attention to the international competitions in the middle of the week.

Palmeiras will commit to leading Abel Ferreira in the Copa Libertadores de America. On Wednesday (6) at 9pm, Verdao travels to Venezuela to face Deportivo Tachira. Meanwhile, Rogerio Ceni’s Sao Paulo team is now focusing its attention on the Copa Sudamericana. Tricolor Paulista is scheduled to make his competition debut on Thursday (7), at 21:30, away from home against Ayacucho, of Peru.