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Abel x Ceni: The coaches from Palmeiras and Sao Paulo almost started together and add up to ten more titles |  Paulista Championship

Abel x Ceni: The coaches from Palmeiras and Sao Paulo almost started together and add up to ten more titles | Paulista Championship

Palm trees And the Sao Paulo They face each other this Sunday, for the Paulista Championship, led by the young coaches, who began their new career almost together, but who have already won big titles. And who are now leading projects in various stages.

If the work of Abel Ferreira is combined with the achievements that give the coach the rest of the renewed contract until the end of 2024, the campaign led by Rogério Ceni is still in progress, but this is beginning to bear fruit.

The new meeting between the coaches will start at 4 pm, at Allianz Parque, and will be followed in real time on General Electric Click here to continue.

Apple Ferrera and Rogerio Ceni decide to star in Paulista – Photo: ge

At 43 years old, Abel lives intensely Palm trees Since November 2020 and still building a career as a coach. Verdau is the third (and by far the most important) club led by the former right-back in the starting line-up.

Abel’s path as coach of the professional teams began in Braga, in April 2017, when he was removed from the B team and joined the main team. This was Brazil’s first title in the new round, months after he was relegated Sao Paulo. Today, in a series of finals, it is one of the greatest in Palmeiras history, mainly due to Faouzi Libertadores.

On Sunday, the 49-year-old tried to win his first title in charge of Sao Paulo, but added important titles at other clubs – such as two Brazilian players, one from Serie A and one from Serie B, for Flamengo and Fortaleza, respectively.

Nicknames for Apple Ferrera and Rogerio Ceni – Photo: ge

Abel glorifies the opponent and preaches respect

Abel Ferreira’s speech regarding Rogerio Ceni has always been an expression of respect and glorification for the achievements of the former goalkeeper, in a relationship that began in clashes against Flamengo and extended to Chuck Rey.

Last Tuesday, at a press conference at the Paulista federation headquarters, the Portuguese once again praised the work led by an opponent on Sunday.

– (Oh Seni) In a short time he managed to implement his game idea, 4-2-2-2 is a hard way to stop, has a lot of movement. it’s normal. This is the learning process. They went through a turbulent period and turned around and reached the final with a competitive maturity. Palmeirense said you see a team that has operations, with an identity.

Abel Ferreira and Rogerio Ceni before the classic at Morumbi – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

At Verdau, the Portuguese coaching staff was highlighted by the team’s strategic performance, especially in the moments of decision making. Tactical analysis and emotional preparedness deserve praise behind the scenes at the academy.

On the Brazilian meadows, Rogerio Ceni presented himself as a complex opponent to Apple Ferreira. In six matches, the Portuguese won only once, one draw and four defeats.

The first victory in the group stage was in Paulistau – 1-0, Rooney scored. This Sunday, Abel is trying his first title against Ceni, who has already won the 2021 Super Cup, with Flamengo.

Abel vs. Sene: Match of History

Sene wants to read Abel’s book

Rogerio Ceni does not hide his admiration for Abel Ferreira’s work in Palm trees. Publicly, the letter of respect reappeared on the eve of Paulistau’s decision, with constant praise for the Portuguese during the interviews preceding the duel.

– Abel has a specific scheme. From the moment he won the Libertadores title, the coach said, the coach has gained strength, the club trusts him a lot, gives him freedom of action.

It was the first match between Rogerio Ceni and Abel Ferreira in 2021 – Photo: Cesar Greco/AG. Palm trees

Internally, outside the microphones, Ceni also appreciates the artwork from Palmeiras. A fan of literary content about football, the former goalkeeper plans to read Abel Ferreira’s book soon. But to write down your achievements as a coach, the most important ones are missing, according to personal analysis.

This admiration for Sene led to a thorough preparation of the decisions against Abel. Realizing the opposing coach’s appreciation for detail, São Paulo made extensive preparations in the days leading up to the final.

Before the first match in Morumbi, for example, Sene repeatedly watched the first minutes of the group stage duel, when Palm trees He dominated and advanced with a goal from Rooney, an advantage that continued until the end through Alverdi’s team.