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Marcia Fu reveals what she intends to do with the third place award for the movie “A Fazenda 15”

Marcia Fu reveals what she intends to do with the third place award for the movie “A Fazenda 15”

She didn't get first place, but she had the people – and R$50,000! Marcia Fu achieved success on social media with her memes, competing in the “A Fazenda 15” final and winning third place. In an interview with Metropolis released on Tuesday (2), the former participant revealed her plans to receive the award.

Marcia shared the stage of the last edition of the reality show with Andre Gonçalves (2nd place – 100 thousand R$) and with the winner Jacqueline Grohalski (1st place – 1.5 million R$). But, she said “The real prize” It was the emotion of the audience.

“Of course the prize money is very important and we went into the match thinking about first place, but the affection of the people fills me in a very special way. It means everything. With the fans by our side, we can move forward, but only with the fans by our side. We need them to achieve.” anything”.He said. Remember the third place announcement:

When asked what she intended to do with the R$50,000 prize, the former volleyball player explained that her priority now was her son. “I consider myself humble. So the first thing I think about is my son Gabriel. I want to give him a good education, so that he grows up on the path he wants.”And revealed.

But this is not the only thing in the plans of the former man. For 2024, Marcia wants “Work hard and be very happy”He mentioned. “There are many dreams that I still want to achieve, but I would say that in this 2023 cycle there was no shortage of dreams coming true. It was a very special year that brought me a lot of good things. “Looking back, I feel accomplished.” She confirmed. It was written in the stars, Marcia!

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About becoming “Queen of memes”Marcia announced that all the fallout on the networks was a big surprise. “I admit I didn't expect to have this much fun with the audience here, I was really surprised. I'm still surprised and laughing at the videos they show me. I had no idea I was so funny (laughs)”He said.

The next release of “A Fazenda” in 2024 was recently confirmed by Adriane Galisteu on her YouTube channel GalisTour. He watches: