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Blue Besouro goes live: find out how to watch

Blue Besouro goes live: find out how to watch

The movie Blue beetle It arrived on the air this weekend. The movie has Bruna Marquezine As one of the heroes, it tells the story of the hero Jaime, who he plays Zulu Mariduena.

He is from a typical Latino family living in the United States. This movie was broadcast on Friday (17) to subscribers to the HBO Max service, and for those who do not have the service, all they have to do is go to the official website and follow the steps. The short subscription is R$ 34.90 per month, however, with Black Friday, the subscriber gets the promotion for R$ 9.90 (first months).

What does the story of the blue beetle look like?

The film differs from other DC productions and tells the life of Jaime Reels. He is a Mexican American teenager who lives in Palmira, Texas with his family.

A young man appears searching for his purpose and comes face to face with a strange beetle that changes his life. The insect ends up attaching itself to his spine and he ends up with a powerful blue armor that resembles a beetle’s armor. The entire movie has funny moments, as well as drama.

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