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Magalu launches group purchases with discounts of up to 55%

Magalu launches group purchases with discounts of up to 55%

There is news in Magalu. It’s ‘Buy Together’. The company created a new purchasing method using Big discounts on selected products. In Buy Together, featured products will have a minimum number of buyers. So the more people buy, the bigger the discounts. It can range from 30% to 55% in markdowns.

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buy magallo together

The most attractive discounts can be an incentive. That’s because the person who is interested in the product can share the link with others who might be interested as well.

Buying Together is a sales method that specifically arises at a time of high inflation and financial distress. The action also seeks to move the Magalu Sales App – SuperApp. Today there are more than 37 million users. In group purchase, Magalu will not offer free shipping.

According to the company, in addition to forecasting an increase in sales, Magazine Luiza hopes to reduce marketing costs. This is because the clients themselves will be doing this advertising work. After all, the more people know about the discount on the product, the greater the discount for the group.

In this way, the novelty should function as a social network. Customers will look for discounts to share with friends. The company calls the novelty “Social Commerce”.

With purchases completed, products can be delivered to the indicated addresses or received in physical stores. Magalu expects to launch new products every week through its “Compra Junto”.