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Serrassa: Feirão Limpa Nome allows discounts of up to 99% on debt

The sera Started another version of Clean fair name. Through this initiative, citizens who are in default can get a discount of up to 99% on their debts, as an example of negotiations with Itau and Bradesco banks.

This edition contains more than 100 companies willing to negotiate the debts of their debtors. So, if you have debts that need to be paid off, take a chance and discuss it with a lower value than the original account.

It is worth noting that the deadline for opportunities is until March 31 this year.

When a citizen has a dirty name, he will not be able to rent financial services like loans, credit cards, etc. Therefore, it is important to keep a file CPF Always out of bounds.

How do you renegotiate your debt in Feirão Limpa Nome?

Initially, it is necessary to check whether the creditor organization with which any debt is owed is included in the list of companies willing to negotiate this issue. If so, the agreement will set special conditions for settling the outstanding issues. These actions must be carried out through the following channels:

  • Serasa website or app;
  • The WhatsApp Serasa No. (11) 99575-2096;
  • In person at partner agencies, such as the post office.

See the step-by-step guide on how to perform the procedure on the Serasa page below:

  1. access to the Serasa website;
  2. inform CPF and password. If this is the first access, then register;
  3. Check active discounts and see available trading options;
  4. If you agree to one of the options, select the type of payment;
  5. Finally, issue the ticket and make the payment.
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After payment, the creditor institution will have up to five business days to remove its name from the credit protection agencies.

How to consult and remove my name from Serasa or SPC?

The Brazilian when he is restricted to CPF Unable to obtain various financial services, such as financing a property, obtaining a credit card or obtaining a loan, among others.

However, before it is CPF Negative, the consumer usually receives a notice from the institution or bank that he is in default. In this way, the name is sent to the credit protection agencies.

How do I check if my name is dirty?

There are three main entities that register consumers under incorrect names: Serasa, Boa Vista SCPC, and SPC Brasil. Each of them has information from certain companies, and in this sense, the consultation should be carried out in all available channels.


  • Via the Serasa website;
  • Through the application available for Android and iOS.
  • By phone, call 0800591 1222.

Boa Vista SCPC

  • From the Boa Vista SCPC website;
  • Through the application available for Android and iOS.

SPC Brazil

  • through the SPC Brazil website;
  • Through the application available for Android and iOS.

How do I delete my name?

In a practical way, to clear the name and remove restrictions CPF The consumer must repay the outstanding debt that he placed in this case. Payment can be made by way of an agreement with the company in which you defaulted, or by paying the debt directly.

However, before anything else, a citizen should check whether he actually has amounts owed, bearing in mind that criminals can send letters of bad faith informing them of default in an institution or institution. So, make sure you are in debt or not before making any payments.