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Taxis set prices and grow up to 40% more than Uber and 99 in Brazil

Taxis set prices and grow up to 40% more than Uber and 99 in Brazil

When they started working in Brazil, it was Uber and the 99 She was responsible for the increased demand for transportation by application. With just a few clicks on the cell phone screen, the customer can order a trip and find out how much he will pay for it even before reaching the destination. No surprises in value. However, the service Taxi It ended up getting worse. But that appears to be changing.

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According to a survey by Vah, during the pandemic, Brazilians started using taxis more often, especially given the high prices they charge. Uber and 99.

The analysis, which included more than 1,100 Brazilian participants, indicated an unexpected preference for taxis. Among those interviewed, the method showed a growth of 38%. What happens is that in some places, many taxi companies have also developed their own navigation app and started offering fixed-fare rides.

Participants’ reports are important for increasing perceptions of the urban mobility sector in recent years, which suffers from it Increased prices and continuous cancellation of flights – In some cases the refusal goes beyond what is acceptable and the customer’s hands are tied and unable to use the service.

Companies migrate from Uber and 99 to taxis

In addition to the increase in popular preference, taxis have also been featured in the corporate environment. This is explained by Jordana Souza, co-founder of Voll – a company that provides corporate transportation services. According to her, there was a significant 40% increase in the use of taxis in the travel sector.

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The reasons were the same: the cancellation of races in private car apps, as well as the long waiting time to get a ride. As a way to solve this problem, the company announced that it is looking at other alternatives, such as using the aforementioned taxi in addition to car rental.