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Lyn da Quibrada cries when listening to Ludmila and Gloria Grove

Lyn da Quibrada cries when listening to Ludmila and Gloria Grove

singer ludmila show, that it took to get started.”BBB 22″ (TV Globo) This Saturday, Lin da Quebrada moved.

One of the walls next to Eliezer and Gustavo, Lena could not stand the emotion and cried when she heard Ludmila’s partnership with Gloria Grove, “Twa beat.”

Ludd and Gloria record, in July 2021, a a series From the songs “Lud Session”, live on Brunna Gonçalves’ wife’s channel. The song sequence has already garnered more than 64 million views on Youtube.

Lin’s best friend

Gloria Grove and Lynne da Quebrada are good friends outside the “BBB” house. So much so that Gloria gave Lina advice before she faced the challenge of entering reality show.

Gloria Extra told in an interview that her friend called her a vague question, but she “never would have imagined” that she was talking about going to the “BBB”.

“That slut!” , said the singer jokingly. “I never would have imagined it was reality turns out. We’ve been wanting to make an appointment for a while. When Lin called me, I thought that was it.”

[Lina] I came up with the phrase: “Friend, if you have everything to lose, but also everything to gain, will you still risk it?”. I understood it was a secret, but I thought it had to do with relationships, or the record company. I just replied: “Look, you have to play it, take a risk, or you’ll never know.” And we spent hours talking about her, because she said she looked for me because she saw me “without fear” and said, “I want to be that too.” Gloria Grove

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