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Taís Araújo e Lázaro Ramos (Foto: Reprodução)

After the breakup, Taís Araújo reveals the end result with Lázaro

Lazaro Ramos won an advertisement by Taís Araújo

Lazaro Ramos in front of the movie ‘temporary measure’heroine, his wife, Tess Arago. In the high hoursWhere he went Saturday (09), to publicize the project, Ma said the plot of the project.

I started talking about the movie in 2012 here on the show […]. It’s a film about a future Brazil as a state attorney sues over the time of slavery. The state says “yes, she deserves some compensation”, and the compensation chosen is to return all blacks to Africa. It mixes comedy, soundtrack, and drama, said Lazaro Ramos.

Tais Araujo, who lives in Capito, commented on the experience of being mentored by her husband. It is worth noting that they have already worked together on many projects, but this partnership is unlike anything they have ever done. “Being directed by Lazaro is always fun. This year we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary, we have two beautiful children and a very beautiful career. Lazaro empowers me, makes me a better actress and professional. I really enjoy being directed by him.”

In addition, Alfred Enoch paid tribute to Balazaro Ramos, who plays Antonio, the main character in the film. “Working in Brazil is different. For me, this is my motherland. I really wanted to go back to working in Portuguese, I had never done that before. Lazarus gave me a gift. The young actor said.


Taís Araújo and Lázaro Ramos have been together for 17 years and are the parents of Maria Antonia and Joao Vicente. But in this long history together, there was a brief moment when they were apart.

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In an interview with Teté a Theo, the judge for The Masked Singer mentioned what such turmoil was in the couple’s life. It all started in 2006, when they were on “Snakes & Lizards”. In this plot, they starred in the spouses Foguinho and Ellen. They had a lot of disagreements about work and even broke up for 8 months.

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