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Energetic. Gilberto has become the most followed BBB ex on Instagram

What a joy! Gilberto Nogueira The last one was left out of BBB21, The former BBB became the most followed in the history of the program. From the male wing, there is no one for one. After garnering 1.5 million followers in 24 hours, the economist is at the top of the most influential brothers on Instagram.

Since its debut in the 2000s, Big Brother Brazil is a national phenomenon. However, a change has occurred over the past few releases: The power that strangers gain on the web, after browsing the program, has become enormous. With 11.5 million followers on the social network, Gail de Vigor accompanies Lucas Bintido and Byung Lee on the platform.


# 1. Gilberto Nogueira (BBB21): 11.4 miles
# Two. Lucas Pintido (BBB21): 9.8 miles
# 3. Byung Lee (BBB20): 8.7 miles
# 4.Rudolfo (BBB20): 8.4 miles
# 5. Babu Santana (BBB20): 6.1 miles
# 6. Arcrebiano Araújo (BBB21): 6 miles
# 7. Felipe Pryor (BBB20): 5.8 miles
# 8. Caio Opium (BBB21): 4.6 miles
# 9. Mahmoud Baydoun (BBB18): 4.2 miles
# 10. Boy (BBB20): 4.1 miles

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