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Lula advocates ending the blockade on Cuba and “stopping the massacre” in Gaza

Lula advocates ending the blockade on Cuba and “stopping the massacre” in Gaza

“The indifference of the international community is shocking,” Lula continued. “The human tragedy in Gaza requires all of us to be able to say enough is enough to the collective punishment that the Israeli government is imposing on the Palestinian people. People are dying in lines for food.”

Yesterday afternoon (29), Israel was accused of killing more than 100 people waiting in line for food in Gaza. Benjamin Netanyahu's government attributed the start of the executions to the Palestinians who allegedly attacked the country's soldiers.

Lula participates in the opening of the 4th CELAC Summit in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. He had already taken up this issue yesterday, during the closing of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) meeting in Guyana, as he did almost every day.

Lula also advocated ending the blockade against Cuba in international relations. He added, “Defending the end of the blockade imposed on Cuba and Argentina's sovereignty in the Falkland Islands is something that concerns us all.” As he did in his first term, strengthening South American and Latin American relations was one of the focuses of the government's international agenda. Without mentioning names such as Argentine President Javier Miley, a critic of Mercosur, he called for an end to the differences between the continent's leaders.

In recent years, we have returned to being a balkanized and divided region, more outward-looking than inward-looking. Intolerance has gained strength, and it prevents different viewpoints from sitting at the same table. We fail to advance our call for cooperation and allow conflicts and disputes to prevail, many of which are foreign to the region.
Lula talks about relations between Latin American countries

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