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What race is this?  A new canine friend surprises the world

What race is this? A new canine friend surprises the world

At the beginning of 2024, in January, the AKC (American Kennel Club), an entity recognized as the main authority on the issue of pedigree registration of dogs in North American territories, made an important announcement: New Dog breed Added to your list, Lancashire Heeler.

After that, the animal's origins are still the subject of many debates, but some studies indicate that it appeared in the United Kingdom, being the result of crossbreeding between Welsh Corgis, animals that were used to herd livestock in the seventeenth century, and the Manchester Corgis. terrier.

The main characteristics of the new dog

Credit: www.mypetzilla.co.uk/Reproduction.

“The breed is unique, but in a charming way,” shares Kistner, chair of the Kennel Club’s Judge Education Committee.

The organization's director confirms that eyes New dog They have captivating expressions, which can attract even those who don't like pets. Thus, thanks to the genes inherited from ancient herding dogs, the Lancashire Heeler has a great deal of intelligence and energy, and loves to stay active throughout the day.

“Don't be fooled by your puppy's cuteness. Once he's off your lap, he may start chewing on your shoes. However, in return, you'll gain a loyal friend for life,” warns Cheryl Bradbury, president of the Lancashire Heeler Club of the USA.

Young animals weigh between 4 and 8 kg, and their average life expectancy is currently 12 to 15 years. Their litters contain about 5 puppies on average, keeping in mind that differences can occur for both larger and smaller numbers.

The color of its coat varies between black and brown, and it is distinguished by its simple and striking beauty that captivates people in the four corners of the planet. Among the words used by the owners of Lancashire Heelers to describe them dogThe most common were: smart, fast, kind, loving, etc.

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