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Illinois court bars Trump from running in state primaries

Illinois court bars Trump from running in state primaries

But the decision is on hold until Friday (March 1) so the Republican's defense can file an appeal

Judge Tracy Porter, of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, ruled on Wednesday (February 28, 2024) that former US President Donald Trump will not be able to run in the Republican primary in the state. Voting is already underway, but will end on March 19. here complete Resolution (PDF – 2 MB, in English).

But the judge decided to suspend the matter until Friday (March 1), anticipating the appeal that must be filed by the Republican defense against the ruling. Trump campaign spokesman Stephen Cheung said in a statement that he would appeal the decision. “Quickly” and He described the order as unconstitutional, According to information from The New York Times It's from Axios.

In the US elections this year, Trump was declared ineligible to run in the primaries in the states of Colorado and Maine. He appealed the decisions and one case ended up in the US Supreme Court.

The US Supreme Court began analyzing the Colorado court's decision on February 8. The ruling has not yet been issued. Because of the Supreme Court's assessment of the case, Trump's disqualification in Maine has been temporarily suspended until a decision is made in Colorado.

In Illinois, the state Board of Elections decided on January 30 to maintain the former president's nomination and chose to let the court make the final decision on the issue.

In Wednesday's order (February 28), the judge invoked the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. a Section 3 of the standard Prove that no one has “Participating in a rebellion or rebellion” Against the United States government can hold civilian or military positions in federal or state departments.

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State authorities claim Trump is under investigation for inciting the invasion of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The Republican was indicted in the case in August 2023. He has pleaded not guilty.