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Leila, the president of Palmeiras, returns a blow from Landim and mocks Flamengo

Leila, the president of Palmeiras, returns a blow from Landim and mocks Flamengo

The debate between artificial and natural turf was on the agenda of Brazilian sports news on Friday (19). After Rodolfo Landim, President Flamingo, He emphasized that Palmeiras has a sporting advantage with the type of grass found on Allianz ParqueThe confrontation stage between the two teams next Sunday (21st), Leila Pereira, president Palm treesHe replied.

In an interview with Geethe leader of the Alverde recalled titles Conmebol Libertadoresin 2021, and Brazilian Super CupIn 2023, he beat rival Rio on natural grass.

He said: “Landem’s statement really surprised me. As far as I remember, we won the 2021 Libertadores title and the 2023 Super Cup, against Flamengo, on a natural grass field, right?”

“Landim knows very well that the artificial turf pitch at Allianz Parque does not offer any technical advantage to Palmeiras. The pitch has just been renovated so that we can always play great matches at home. If Landim is really concerned about the quality of the pitch.” “The Maracanã stadium will be in better condition,” he added.

Because of the band's performances SowetoOn Friday and Saturday, Palmeiras will play against Flamengo, this Sunday, at 4 pm (Brasilia time), with part of the Jules Norte stadium closed.

Landim, in a video published by the channel'Red and black illustrated', In the YoutubeHe asked about the ban on part of the stands and why São Paulo did not send the match to Arena Barueri, the scene of the defeat to São Paulo. international 1-0 in the last round.

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“So, here's the thing: I'm going to play a game here, this game's not that bad, it's not that difficult, but the next one on the pitch is tough. Is it worth it to put him on to play here? Or save more to play against Palmeiras, at Palmeiras' stadium, at Palmeiras' stadium? Artificial? Because Palmeiras played yesterday (Wednesday) and lost, but they lost in Barori, and they did not lose on the artificial field, which is a defect,” he said.

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