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Practical things you can do on WhatsApp that many people ignore

Learn how to use Wi-Fi where you don’t know the password

Having a cell phone without the Internet at hand usually does not help much, especially when there is a need to call to do something or consult information.

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If your signal is bad and 4G is not working, there is concern that you are missing something important. In an emergency, a call can do the trick, but in general, Wi-Fi helps you do the research quickly. It usually takes a long time for someone to share data with you and not everyone has this availability.

It has nothing to do with “internet theft”, because most of the available networks are already open, and only limited to a smaller number of people. If you have this concern, use it only when you have something urgent to address, at times when there is no alternative. The trick is valid in public environments and not for private networks.

Using free Wi-Fi in a particular place can be very useful to search for something on the Internet or talk to someone

Those establishments that have Wi-Fi are the perfect places for you to be able to use the network, even if you have a password. Surely someone was out there and knew the code. In online groups or applications, many share these free passwords that you can use when needed. One such app is Instabridge, see how it works:

Step 1: Download Instabridge from the Play Store or Apple Store and activate your location to show the nearest Wi-Fi networks.

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Step 2: Click on the inner right corner of the screen and click on the “Wi-Fi” option and confirm to receive the password.

Step Three: Look at the network name and password and on the “Wi-Fi” icon on your cell phone, log in.