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What will the Galaxy Watch 4 look like after the Samsung and Google deal –

Thanks to an agreement between Samsung and Google, the Galaxy Watch 4 will be the first wearable device to receive the new version of WearOS. Leaker Evan Blass, who recently released leaked images of the ASUS ROG Phone 6, has revealed some images of the upcoming WearOS.

The system is based on One UI Watch 4.5, which is a different version of One UI used on Samsung smartphones, with features, functions and even some apps that are exclusive to South Korea.

According to the leaks, one of the main novelties is the possibility to change the SIM for calls directly on the dial pad or by pressing the “history” icon for a few seconds.

The keyboard also received some minor layout changes, a new, more intuitive way to switch language and use voice dictation to “type” on the smartwatch.

With the new system, it will be possible to access some features that were previously only present on smartphones, such as adjusting color correction, which can be easily accessed on the smartwatch. You can also access the accessibility settings and change the volume balance left or right according to the user’s preference.

The 2021 Galaxy Watch 4 is about to receive its operating system update, but some leaked information has already begun to emerge and reveal details about the news of its successor, the Galaxy Watch 5, coming out in August.

Leaks indicate that the watch will have three different versions: a “Standard”, “Classic” version and a very powerful one, with standard power autonomy, the “Pro” – which should also be the most expensive version.

According to the information received from ET NewsSamsung’s upcoming smartwatch should bring a major innovation in the sensors found in smartwatches, with a sensor capable of monitoring body temperature. However, it is not yet known if the feature is fully completed, and if it does not work as expected, the launch may be delayed to the next versions of the wearable.

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