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Learn how to remove personal information from Google Search

Learn how to remove personal information from Google Search

Sao Paulo – A new feature now arriving in Brazil will help remove personal data available in Google search. Release the tool Privacy in results about you It was announced at the 6th edition of Google for Brazil, on Tuesday (11/6) in São Paulo.

With this tool, it will be easier to find and remove results available on Google search that contain personal information, such as address, phone number, and email. Anyone who wants to can request that results containing their contact information be removed and Google will send a notification when there are matching results in the search. For data you prefer to keep private, you can ask Google to remove it directly in the tool.

Moreover, this year Brazil will be one of the first countries to expand the tool to include social identity documents, such as CPF, driver’s license and passport. “Our products were designed with privacy at their core, from the beginning of their development. Additionally, through our data governance practices, we give our users control over their information,” says Royal Hansen, global vice president of privacy and security at Google. For him, the development has succeeded. Artificial intelligence, for the first time, is being used by defenders, through technologies that allow you to avoid fraud and filter spam or fraudulent content.

Learn how to request removal of personal information from Google Search

  1. arrive to Privacy in results about youin the link goo.gle/resultsaboutyou. On mobile devices, open the Google app and tap your profile picture. Then select “Privacy in results about you”;
  2. Enter your contact details. Google will verify that this information appears in search results;
  3. The tool will show you a list of Google search results that contain your personal information. You can see the title and source of each result and open the web page;
  4. If you find a result that contains your personal information and you don’t want it to appear in the search, click the three dots next to the result and select Remove. Google will review your request and remove it from search results if it meets the removal criteria.

*The reporter traveled at the invitation of Google

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