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The Veilguard reveals the game’s teaser with the Dark World

The Veilguard reveals the game’s teaser with the Dark World

Credits: Disclosure/BioWare

While the trailer for Dragon Age: The Veilguard may have scared off some fans with its bright and slightly cartoonish description, the final game promises to take a different path. The proof of this is A short gameplay teaser shared by BioWare on Monday (10) On your social networks.

The promotional video, which lasts 24 seconds, shows the new protagonist accompanied by Varrick, who highlights the qualities of the detective he knows. According to the character, his contact would be the best possible way to obtain new information about Solas, also known as the rebel god Dreadful.

Contrary to the trailer, the new part of Dragon Age: The Veilguard reveals a very dark world with imposing buildings. There are still some cartoony touches in the scenarios, but the proportions of the environments and on-screen characters seem more in line with previous games in the series.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard will be released on June 11

Sharing the short teaser for the game appears to be a way for BioWare to allay some of the concerns brought by the previous presentation video. On social media (and also here on Adrenaline) comments have become popular to demonstrate Fears that the series might abandon its identity To serve a different audience.

The developer will reveal more details about Dragon Age: The Veilguard tomorrow (June 11) at a presentation scheduled for noon Brasilia time. According to the company, fans will watch an unprecedented 15 minutes of gameplay and will discover more details about the hero of the story and his companions.

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The new game is a direct sequel to the events of 2014’s Inquisition, and promises to put players on a mission to protect the veil that separates reality from a world inhabited by various threats. Although rumors indicate that it will arrive in 2024, So far, BioWare hasn’t even shared release date predictions.

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