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Is the PIS/Pasep allowance payment schedule available?

Learn how to consult PIS online

Remember to file PIS / Pasep . subscription Scheduled in July of this year, the payment was deferred until 2022. As specified, the accrual will be provided from January 2022, depending on the month of birth of the worker.

Moreover, it is also important to clarify that the allowance in question refers to the working months in 2020. And in the case of due 2021, as a rule, it must also be given next year, so that PIS / Pasep will have twice the payment in 2022, however, no There is still no official government information on this issue.

In any case, the last year’s Abono Salarial for 2022 has already been confirmed. For this reason, it is important to know how to consult your PIS, as well as to know who is entitled to the benefit.

Who will receive the PIS / Pasep Allowance in 2022

In short, the salary bonus is for all officially registered workers who work under CLT . system (Unification of Labor Law). However, it is necessary to fulfill some rules for awarding merit, namely:

  • to be paid, on average, a wage up to a minimum wage;
  • Worked for at least 30 days of the formal contract during the base year (2020, in the case of bonus due in January);
  • Ask your employer to duly report your data on the Annual Social Information List (RAIS);
  • Finally, the worker must have been registered for at least 5 years in PIS/Pasep.

How do you consult PIS?

Once the rules of allowances are understood, the employee can refer to the PIS statement through Caixa’s digital platforms, that is, through the bank’s website or app. Find out how to perform the procedure in each of them:

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Via Caixa

  1. Access a page savings bank;
  2. Find the “Benefits and Programs” option;
  3. In the “Workers’ Benefits” category, click on “Salary Allowance”.
  4. select “Payment Consultation”;
  5. Now, you will need to inform the CPF, if you do not have a registration yet, then fill in the required data;
  6. Once done, simply go to the “PIS” option and verify the payment.

through the app

  1. Download the “Caixa Trabalhador” app (available for Android and IOS);
  2. On the platform, click on “Abono Salarial”;
  3. Select the “Current Workout” option;
  4. Once this is done, the PIS extractor will appear on the screen.