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Covid: Country records 113 deaths, average is less than 400;  The trend is down - 10/24/2021

Covid: Country records 113 deaths, average is less than 400; The trend is down – 10/24/2021

Today, Brazil maintained the downward trend in the moving average of deaths (-23%) and continued to record deaths at a level below 400 – and today, there were an average of 337 deaths. In the past 24 hours, there have been 113 deaths. It will be 12 days in which the country is below this mark.

Data were obtained from state health secretariats and collected by the Consortium of Press Vehicles through which UOL Participate.

In all, so far, 605,682 people have lost their lives after contracting the virus in the country.

However, Mato Grosso do Sul and Tocantines states did not provide data from the last 24 hours, so the survey does not take into account data from these states.

Acre, Amazonas, Amapá, Rio de Janeiro, Rondônia and Roraima have not recorded deaths in the past 24 hours.

But it’s worth noting that data from state health departments on weekends is historically smaller due to a lower number of active employees.

The moving average is the most reliable method for analyzing the pandemic situation. It eliminates distortions caused by data bridging that occur on weekends and holidays – dates when depositories operate on demand.

States recorded 4,338 new cases of coronavirus in the last day. Since the start of the pandemic, in March last year, 2,172,316 cases of the disease have been confirmed.

There are 13 states and the Federal District in decline, 8 in stabilization and six in acceleration.

In the consortium’s methodology, a downward trend is considered if the moving average is below -15%; Above 15% acceleration. Between these two values, stability.

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Among the country’s five regions, the Southeast (-39%) and Midwest (-39%) recorded a decrease. The data were stable in the northeast (-1%), in the north (5%); In the south, the trend is up 25%.

See the differences in cases:

Southeast region

  • Espirito Santo: stable (-11%)
  • Minas Gerais: relegation (-32%)
  • Rio de Janeiro: Relegation (-43%)

The northern area

Northeast region

  • Rio Grande do Norte: High (44%)

Midwest region

  • Federal District: stable (-21%)
  • Mato Grosso: Kida (-19%)
  • Mato Grosso do Sul: Kida (-74%)

Southern area

  • Rio Grande do Sul: stable (12%)
  • Santa Catarina: stable (-9%)

Federal government data

Brazil has reported 187 new deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health said in a bulletin released today. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the disease has killed 605,644 people across the country.

According to the ministry’s data, there were 6,204 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Brazil between yesterday and today. The total number of infected people has reached 21,729,763 since March 2020.

According to the federal government, 20,907,224 cases of the disease have so far recovered across the country, with another 216,895 cases to follow.

Ryo will waive the use of the mask in an open space

The city of Rio de Janeiro will publish a decision tomorrow (25) Eliminate the mandatory use of masks in open spaces When the municipality beats 65% of the vaccinated population, which is expected to happen tomorrow as well. However, the measure should come into effect only after the state government reviews its rules, which prohibit staying without a mask in open spaces. State rule supersedes municipal rule.

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According to SMS (Municipal Health Department), the city is expected on Monday to reach 65% of the total population with two doses or one dose of covid-19 vaccines, and 80% of adults are fully immunized. However, according to the reopening plan, the city can move forward with the flexibility of social isolation measures. Today (24), the city has 64.4% of the population with two or one doses of the fortifying agent.

Under the decree, the mandatory use of masks in open spaces will be waived. SMS says the measure has been discussed by the special committee to combat Covid-19, which is made up of specialists advising the city.

Vehicles combine for information

In response to the government’s decision Jair Bolsonaro To restrict access to data related to the covid-19 pandemic and the media UOLand O Estado de S. Paulo, Folha de S. Paulo, O Globo, g1 and Extra consortium to work collaboratively to obtain necessary information directly from state health secretariats in the 27 units of the federation.

The federal government, through the Ministry of Health, should be the natural source for these numbers, but the positions of the authorities and the president himself during the pandemic cast doubt on the availability and accuracy of the data.