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Learn how to change your contacts' profile picture on WhatsApp

Learn how to change your contacts’ profile picture on WhatsApp

You know those users who don’t have a picture The WhatsApp And makes identification difficult? You can identify this person with the image you want, just access one of the most used tools in the application. The process is so simple that it makes interactions possible in an organized manner, avoiding the difficulty of finding someone in the middle of conversations.

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Beware of external applications

Some of the apps that are primarily available on the Play Store pose certain risks. When downloading, some files Malware It can infect your device, and steal sensitive data. In this case, even banking information is leaked, for use in implementing financial scams, in favor of hackers who exploit the vulnerabilities.

Change the profile picture of your friends or relatives

Step 1: Access Settings by tapping on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Select the Create Group option and add the person whose profile picture you want to change.

Third Step: Finish the group and change the image to the one you like best.

only known

It is best to apply this initiative to contacts with whom you have an intimate relationship, since it seems unreasonable to continue to include strangers in a certain group. Sometimes it is advisable to notify the person before making this change, as this can cause confusion. You might be wondering why she didn’t like my official profile picture or if it had any connection.

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So, the idea is amazing and creative, but make sure the participants react to the change. Similarly, this practice also applies to groups made up of a single profile, created to serve as a notebook. Who knows in the future The WhatsApp Don’t decide to make a similar feature available, because the individual groups are still being tested and it is likely that the Meta group will release new updates soon.