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A woman goes crazy for honoring Nubank after getting the card

A woman goes crazy for honoring Nubank after getting the card

Nubank is one of the favorite digital banks for Brazilians, we all already know. The purple seat won everyone’s hearts People Those who have already used their services, especially those who have had a hard time getting a credit card that offers the possibility of getting a decent limit.

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As much as the initial limit is always very small, having a card is also an opportunity to increase that balance over time, so this is more than enough for many people.

This caused more and more people to go get purple; Over time, fintech’s relationship with its customers has become stronger. Partly because of their good service, but also because of their great customer service.

But what no one expected was that the woman would be so happy with the bank that she would pay him a very high esteem. The kind that a lot of people don’t do to even that special someone in their life.

This is the story of Mara Oliveira, a 33-year-old woman who lives in Natal, RN. His story began in 2015, when he was without any purchasing power thanks to debts bearing his name that ended up accumulating.

Because of this, she could not get any credit cards or any other way to pay off her debts. That’s when I met Nubank. It was the bank who, according to they said To her, it seemed more likely to help people with their situation, so there was a chance that Mara would get a card.

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He said and did: I tried. The purple card is approved. Even with a limit of only R$50, she was happy with her life and used the amount wisdomYou always pay on time.

“A lot of people complain, but you can’t imagine my happiness,” said the woman, who was very excited about the limit she received at first. Mara, of course, did not stop there.

Then I started using the card features more and more. He got his paycheck directly into the digital account, transferred the money and used the entire limit. All this creates links between the bank and the user, which facilitates the acquisition of some special services.

And so after a short time with the card, I got consent From personal credit. This credit was contracted so that she could pay the bills she had to be responsible only for the loan.

The idea ended with success. That’s how she ended up with the debt she was in and she felt, in fact, the city of Nubank with a debt of gratitude, so almost the thought of paying tribute to her.

Mara decided to get a tattoo in honor of the bank, which surprised everyone. For her, this decision was quite logical: “I no longer dream, because I needed money for it and I did not have it. Now I have balance and dreams.

A woman goes crazy for honoring Nubank after getting the card

So we have the story of a woman who fought for her goals and who knew how to use the purple card to her advantage. All you need for this is a file Chance to turn around.

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