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Learn how to access the beta version of Threads and receive everything live

Learn how to access the beta version of Threads and receive everything live

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Last week the world saw the launch of a new social network called threads. This exciting new feature has been developed by Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram.

The primary goal of this new platform is to become a worthy competitor to the popular Twitter site that has dominated the social media arena for many years.

Its arrival certainly shook the structures of the old social network, as, in its first week, the app conquered more than 30 million accounts. Yes, you read correctly!

And to make things even more interesting, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Goal, a new feature that allows some users to directly experience the new features that will be introduced in threads in the coming months. This is a beta version of the new social network.

After learning of this amazing opportunity, many users who are familiar with the platform are very interested. If you are one of them, but you have no idea how to download this new version, don’t worry, because here you will learn all the necessary steps.

However, it is important to note that iPhone users will not be able to participate, as the beta will only be available to those with Android devices.

How to be home on topics?

Having said that, the first step to becoming the first to test out what’s new in Themes is to get access to this Official linkClick on the “Be a tester” option and then wait for your device to find the new available version.

On the other hand, if you are already a subscriber but want to leave this version of the app, you need to access the link again and click the button to leave the trial version. Then delete the app and download it again within a few minutes.

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during the registration process for an experiment trial version Of the topics already in progress, there is still no prediction as to when the news will start being made available for iOS.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to platform updates and notifications so as not to miss out on new features that will be added.