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Nintendo says backwards compatibility for the console is easier than ever

Nintendo says backwards compatibility for the console is easier than ever

In an interview by Shigeru Miyamoto, Director of Nintendo and founder of Super Mario and Zelda, the topic of backward compatibility on consoles was discussed; That is, the ability to play old games on new devices.

According to Miyamoto, backwards compatibility is easier to implement in the modern era than it was in the past, citing Virtual Console services but also the difficulty in obtaining rights to older games, which limited the number of re-releases.

“Of course, games designed for certain consoles are developed in different environments. As a result, when hardware changes, the development environment cannot always be reused, and games released on previous consoles cannot be used on new hardware without modification,” he explained. Mario creator.

“However, recently the development environment has become more standardized and we have an environment that allows players to enjoy old titles on new consoles more easily than ever before,” he continues.

“However, Nintendo’s strength is in creating new gaming experiences, so when we release new hardware in the future, we’d like to feature exclusive video games that can’t be created with pre-existing hardware,” concludes Miyamoto.

Unfortunately, as you might expect, nothing has been revealed regarding the new Nintendo console, but there is probably some kind of backward compatibility with it.

Source: Videogame Chronicle

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