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Learn about ‘WhatsApp disease’, a topic that has gone viral after a video of an influencer and reporter for Record TV

Influencer Rick Bandera Owner Viral Video Using Humor To Say He Has Whatsapp Disease

Actor and digital influencer Rick Bandera, a reporter for Record TV Itapoan, posted a video on social media after saying he was suffering from a very strange disease, “WhatsAppphobia”. The joke alarmed the influencer’s family, friends and fans, who soon enjoyed the situation. However, there is a disease associated with the use of the chat application.

Excessive use of Whatsapp can cause WhatsAppinitis Syndrome, a term associated with diseases such as muscle pain, tendinitis, and even arthritis. The main complaint of those who use their cell phones a lot, especially writing messages, is pain at the base of the thumbs and wrists.

And if you’ve experienced this from using the chat app a lot, know that you may have WhatsAppinite, an expression that emerged in the US in 2014 and refers to tendinitis.

“We use our thumbs to surf the Internet, write messages, and control the device excessively. Physician Antonio D’Almeida Neto, of the Botafogo Center for Rheumatology and Orthopedics, says in a note from the foundation that there are many cases of tendinitis, arthritis, and muscle pain that are also associated with this excessive use. for the device.

A professional advises to use tools such as those that allow the entire word to be entered when typing, when typing some letters. Additionally, he says people can take regular breaks from using the app.

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