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Laís nona eliminada do BBB22

Las is the ninth to be disqualified with 91.25% of the vote

Laís was the ninth eliminated from the BBB 22, and was the most voted by the public to date, with 91.25% of the vote. Douglas Silva received about 4.48% and Eliezer got about 4.27% of the vote, which thus remained in the dispute for 1.5 million Brazilian reals. In total, Wall received 157,060,266 votes.

Taddeo Schmidt, in his speech last Tuesday (22), caused a mess in the brothers’ heads and said the two bricks had a dispute over tenths in the hot seat, without revealing the names. The presenter was talking about DG and Eliezer, who went so far as to be eliminated and the difference between them was minimal.

Shortly after announcing her elimination, still on the sofa, Laís gave Gustavo a kiss, with whom she was a romantic partner in the house.

“Okay guys!” , said the now ex-sister, hugging her fourth lollipop allies, who couldn’t hold back their tears.

As for Natália, Linn da Quebrada and Jessilane, Laís has given her opinion on what the match will be like. “You will win now. Now will be the turning point,” Laiss said.

Guyana also invited Arthur Aguiar, her biggest opponent in the game who put him right on the wall.

“Outside, we exchange ideas and talk,” Arthur said. And he received an answer from Lias “This is just a game. Outside, I want to meet Arthur.”

Heading into the outer area of ​​the house, Gustavo hugged his arm with Eslovênia, telling the Liss brothers to “cry” when they left.

“Don’t be late, please,” he said to Gustavo, hugging him again.

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Before leaving the house, Lays left a message for her classmates: “Guys, it was a wonderful and unique experience to be with you. It was a pleasure living here with you. I’ll wait for you outside, stay strong. Play with everything there is,” said Laiss.