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Justice ruled secrecy after it was leaked that Ronaldo had paid debts in 84 times

Justice ruled secrecy after it was leaked that Ronaldo had paid debts in 84 times

The judiciary in Rio de Janeiro has granted former striker Ronaldo Fenomeno the right to secrecy of justice in a process discussing the federation’s debts.

The owner of SAF do Cruzeiro petitioned the court stating that he was surprised by the leakage of the debt payment request submitted by his defence.

According to Ronaldo, the disclosure to the press, without permission, revealed the location of his property and the amount of debt owed by him, in addition to giving a negative connotation to the installment plan that was entered into.

And the former player points out that this has caused damage to his image, which is that of a world-famous public person, and he demanded the application of an exceptional procedure stipulated in the law, which provides for the possibility of restricting publicity of operations when intimacy. Or social interest requires it.

Thus, the former player demanded that the secrecy of justice be granted to disclose “data protected by his constitutional right to privacy.”

“Indeed, if the simple observance of the premiums (guaranteed by law) is sufficient to make the applicant’s image the target of news of negative connotation and in which personal data has been disclosed, it is necessary to treat this process with the confidentiality of justice so that other procedural measures to be exercised are not made public. wide,” Ronaldo’s defense said.

At the end of May, Judge Mirella Vizzini, of the Ministry of Justice of Rio, stated that the disclosure of the addresses of Ronaldo, who is a public person, led to the enactment of secrecy in the process, “because it deals with information and data of a prevailing private nature that requires protection.”

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Ronaldo had entered into an agreement with the city of Rio de Janeiro to pay tax on two properties visible in the city. The agreement was that payment would be made in 84 installments, which would serve to remove the former athlete’s name from active municipal debt.

The amount due on the first address of the phenomenon is R$90,101.12. Other property has unpaid tax in the amount of R$42,149.97. The total debt is R$132,251.09.

The column attempted to contact Ronaldo for comment, but had not received a response as of publication. The report will be updated if the phenomenon wants to show itself.