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flamingo: [Além da volta de Rodinei, reapresentação do Flamengo contou com ausência de atacante que perdeu voo]

After the victory over Palm trees, held last Sunday (30), the first round of Brazilian Championshipand the players flamingo They had two days off and presented themselves to coach Rogerio Ceni on Wednesday (2), at CT Ninho de Orobo. The team should only take the field on June 13, against Curitiba, in order to Brazil Cup.

One of the athletes who missed training was striker Michael. He, who regularly joined the Flamengo matches, missed the trip he was scheduled to take to Rio de Janeiro. The origin is not disclosed. The information comes from journalist Venê Casagrande, from Journal O Dia.

A striker who has cost around 34.5 million Rls in the black robbery coffers, Michael is one of the most contested players by the fans. In the 2020 season, he played 43 matches, scoring only four goals. The Carioca’s good start made it more used by Rogério Ceni in 2021.

Information from reporter Venê Casagrande (Image: Reproduction/Twitter)

Training also saw Rodini return to Flamengo. The right-back was on loan at Internacional between January 2020 and May this year. Since Colorado did not exercise the buy option, he is back at Robro Negro, where he will fight for a position with Isla and Matthewsinho.

Seven players in the service of their teams, and they are embezzlement of Ceni. Rodrigo Caillou, Everton Ribeiro and Gabriel with Brazilian national team المنتخبand Gerson and Pedro with U23 and Isla and Arascaeta in Chile and Uruguay respectively.

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