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Julio Casares will be the only candidate for the presidency of Sao Paulo  Sao Paulo

Julio Casares will be the only candidate for the presidency of Sao Paulo Sao Paulo

Julio Casares will be the only candidate in the election for president of the federation Sao Paulo. Until last Tuesday, the last date for registering candidates, only the list of the current president had been registered. Elections are scheduled to be held on December 8, and the new term extends from 2024 to 2026.

Julio Casares gives a speech to his colleagues in Morumbi

This information was confirmed by Council President Olten Ayres de Abreu, in connection with a report from ge. Casares registered his candidacy last Tuesday in the early evening. But the opposition group did not bring anyone into the fray.

Julio Casares will coach Sao Paulo for another three years – Photo: Marcos Riboli

The current president’s rivals interpreted the registration deadline differently and considered next Monday as a deadline, which contradicts the club’s position.

In the deliberative council session in which the next council president will be elected, new council presidents and board members will also be chosen. For these positions, the internal regulations stipulate that candidates must register until December 4.

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A meeting is scheduled to be held this Wednesday between opposition members. The group will likely only field candidates for the position of President of the Deliberative Council to compete with Olten Ayres de Abreu, who is supported by Casares and is seeking re-election.

On the 8th, then, 254 members of the council Sao Paulo The Presidents of the Council and the Deliberative Council will be selected. In the case of Casares, the only candidate, the election must be registered and the representative must be installed for another three years in charge of the club.

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