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“Seer of Cups” says Vasco will continue in Series A

“Seer of Cups” says Vasco will continue in Series A

Football is an unpredictable story. Guessing any kind of event in the game is generally an unsuccessful procedure. Although science doesn’t offer many guarantees in sports, there are those who would hazard a guess, as is the case with Michael Bruno of Paraíba, known as the “fortune teller”. As he guessed which teams would become world champions in 2010, 2014 and 2018, the tourism agent decided to talk about Brazil 2023. According to him, the champion’s banner will be embroidered in Palmeiras’ colours.

“Wednesday’s round will give these cards. The champion will be Palmeiras, the runner-up will be Flamengo, the third will be Botafogo, and Atletico MG will close the group of four.”

—Michael Bruno, fortune teller of cups.

Although history is positive in expectations regarding the World Cup, Michael Bruno’s crystal ball swung in 2022, after he played his cards in the Brazil hexagon in Qatar. However, shortly after the World Cup, he started making his predictions again and continued to share his theses on social networks. With the movement of the cart, some of them have been proven accurate so far.

“I highlighted seven teams at the beginning of the year: Bahia, Flamengo, which I said would go unnoticed, Fluminense, Inter, Londrina, Palmeiras and Vasco. I guessed the three-colored champion and the negative surprise that was Tubarao.”

—Michael Bruno.

At the top of the Brazilian league table, Palmeiras and Flamengo are competing for the title, while Atletico MG is chasing them. As for Michael Bruno, Robro Negro from Rio will stumble twice, while Verdão will succeed on two other occasions, he said. With this win, the championship cup for the 2023 edition.

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“Palmeras will beat America MG, which is already relegated, and Flamengo will draw with Atletico MG and Cuiaba. Palmeiras will beat Fluminense, which will not play for the win.”

—Michael Bruno.

As for Botafogo, which has been leaders in 31 rounds of the Italian League, the forecast is not very encouraging for Botafogo fans. This is because, according to Michael Bruno, General Severiano’s team will be mid-table in next year’s Brazilian championship.

“Botafogo is a strange team and it is very likely that in 2024 they will play to be in the middle of the table. They will return to their usual place.”

—Michael Bruno.

Regarding the relegation zone, Michael Bruno indicated that Bahia and Vasco will continue to battle for the bottom, but it will be the north-eastern team that will be relegated to the 2024 Segunda Division, alongside the already relegated teams América MG and Coritiba.

“Vasco will not fall. The most important thing will be to remain in the first division. The offer between Bahia and Vasco is serious, but the final relegation will be Bahia and Goias.”

—Michael Bruno.

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