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Jojo Todynho responds to criticism for giving employees R$100 as a gift

Jojo Todynho responds to criticism for giving employees R$100 as a gift

Photo: Clone/Instagram

Jojo Tudinho

After being criticized for giving staff a small panettone and R$100, Jojo Tudinho took to social media and responded to the comments on Friday (22). The singer explained that they are “receiving it very well” and that it was presented “from the heart.”

“Now that I've stopped everything. I'm in a hurry. But I saw that people are saying that I gave them a small panettone and 100 R$. Let me tell you something, the boys who work in my house are great,” she said on Instagram Stories: “But they work in my house, they are not employees.” I have”.

He continued, “They are paid very well. I can't simply give something. I gave an honest gift. In a worker's life, R$100 or R$50 makes a big difference. It's a good thing.”

Some netizens also compared Jojo Todynho to Deolane Bezerra, who gave gifts worth R$50,000 to his employees. The creator of the hit song “Que Tiro Foi Esse” asked that these comparisons not be made.

“They are employees of Deolane, hired by the Deolane company. Don't mix things up. You don't give anyone a toothpick, let yourselves go, go figure out what to do. You don't even buy a token to help the worker,” the funk singer concluded.

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