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John Lennon’s voice recovered by Amnesty International and new Beatles single to be released stand

John Lennon’s voice recovered by Amnesty International and new Beatles single to be released stand

In an interview with the programme today From BBC Radio 4 at the launch of his new book Storm eyes On the morning of Tuesday the thirteenth of this month Paul McCartney They said they managed to get a voice John Lennon via artificial intelligenceand with it, the advent of a new recording of the Beatles It is scheduled to take place later this year. Paul did not confirm the dates or reveal what the song was about.

“It’s all kind of scary, but also exciting because it’s the future,” McCartney says during a conversation with the show’s host, Martha Kearney, when addressing the use of artificial intelligence.

According to the artist, the producers used an old John Lennon recording to extract his voice. “It was a demo that John did and we worked on it and we just finished it. Let’s start this year. We were able to take John’s voice and make it pure through this AI. Then we could mix the recording like we normally would.”

A scene from The Beatles – Eight in a Week: The Touring Years, by Ron Howard
filming: studiocanal United Kingdom

The Beatles and Artificial Intelligence

More recently, the development and use of artificial intelligence to recover historical documents in various formats has allowed director Peter Jackson to recover material captured in 1969 by Michael Lindsey-Hogg for the Let It Be documentary. This was used in your movie get backavailable on Disney+, reveals the secrets hidden for more than 50 years.

It continues after the announcement

A technique called “unmixing” was used. Unlike “mixing”, which attempts to better fit the different sonic elements of a recording onto a single track, unmixing attempts to break down the different components of a recording. Geraldo Ramos, founder of the Moises startup that specializes in algorithms of this kind, explained in an interview with Estadao in 2022.

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To read more about this story and Understand how AI can recognize and isolate soundsCheck out the report at the link below:

Photo gallery and book

Paul, who will turn 81, is currently dedicated to promoting his new book, which tells the story of the Beatles through pictures. in 1964: Eyes of the Storm – Portraits and Reflections by Paul McCartneythe former member of the group shows off his 275 private photos taken behind the scenes at the group’s British heyday.

Self-portrait of Paul McCartney, 1964, can be seen in the exhibition ‘Photos of Paul McCartney 1963-64 Eyes of the Storm’ at the National Portrait Gallery, London filming: Paul McCartney / National Portrait Gallery

It continues after the announcement

In addition to the book, the photos also gain space in the V Gallery National Portrait Galleryin London.

Six months after the release of the Abbey Road album and a month before the release of Let it Be, the Beatles, in April 1970, announced the end of the band. During their 10-year career, the Beatles released 14 highly successful albums.