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João Campos announces the creation of a new Secretariat for Science and Technology – Folha Blog

João Campos announces the creation of a new Secretariat for Science and Technology – Folha Blog

Mayor of Recife, Joao Campos (PSB), announced the establishment of Secretariat of Science and Technology The municipality via social media. The folder will be controlled by the administrator Rafael Figueiredo. On this occasion, the municipal director signed the appointment of the new assistant, this morning, Friday (29), in the municipal headquarters building. Recife City Hall.

“Today we take a historic step for the city, as we formalize the creation of the Department of Science and Technology. We have invited Rafael Figueiredo, this star, a unique personality, to take over the position of secretary. We now have the goal of providing free internet in 500 squares in Recife,” said João Campos. By the end of 2024.”

According to the new secretary, his work and that of his team will contribute to making deliveries to Recife City Hall faster and more efficient. “We have had a reinforcement of the SPC strategy, which aims to simplify, enhance and take care of people. Now we will enter a year full of many deliveries, and this reinforcement given by Mayor João Campos, will mean that these deliveries are made much faster, this is what we call time distortion.” It is about doing at least seven years in one year – and that is what we will do here in this new mission,” explained Rafael Figueiredo.

“One important measure, which we have already started now, at the beginning of the year, is putting Wi-Fi in the courtyards. It is not just the Internet for the sake of the Internet, it is an Internet with content to enhance education and learning for people, so that they can increase productivity and make money.” “This is our desire and we will start everything in January.”

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At Recife City Hall, Rafael Figueiredo was at the forefront of the work that enabled 100% digital scheduling of COVID-19 vaccination at the beginning of the pandemic. This measure not only ensured the efficiency of the immunization process with Recife Vacina, but also led to a significant increase in the number of people registered with Recife Vacina (the Recife Vacina electronic scheduling system is hosted on Conecta Recife). As a result, Conecta Recife had 8,000 registered people before vaccination, rising to more than 1.8 million registered Recife residents. In this way, City Hall now has an up-to-date database of citizens, facilitating the implementation of effective public policies.

Rafael Figueiredo had previously been serving as Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) of the municipal administration since January 2021. The first goal of the new secretariat will be to provide free internet to 500 plazas in Recife by the end of next year. In addition to being the Technical Director of the Municipality of Recife, Rafael Figueiredo is also a consultant to Porto Digital and the State Attorney. He has held the positions of Controller and Public Prosecutor of Recife City Hall. He is considered a general businessman.

“Today Recife will formalize a historic step for the city. We will formalize the creation of the Secretariat of Science and Technology. Therefore, we have invited Rafael Figueiredo, one of the stars, to take over the administration,” the municipal director revealed on your social page. networks.

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Recife City Hall announces the creation of a new Secretariat for Science and Technology

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