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The end of the US health emergency sends thousands of Mexicans to the border | The National Gazette

The end of the health emergency in the United States brings thousands of Mexicans to the border

The image of crying was repeated at the borders. A woman in the group was trying to cross the Rio Grande River to reach the United States: “It’s locked. We can’t get in.”He said.

The Venezuelan was also disappointed. Those who entered illegally will be deported. And if you try again, you will be punished.”He said.

The group attempts to cross the Rio Grande to reach the United States. – Image: Reproduction/JN

Reports show the disappointment of those betting that from now on it will be easier to enter the United States and obtain asylum. The public health emergency policy approved in the pandemic, called Title 42, expires on Friday (12).

The declaration of a health emergency served as the legal basis for the immediate expulsion of migrants who crossed the border without documents.

President Joe Biden has stated that he expects days of chaos at the country’s southern border, and in anticipation of an increase in illegal crossings, The US government has announced new measures to make it more difficult for asylum seekers to enter the US.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorcas went to the White House to explain that the borders were not open.

“If someone arrives at our southern border after midnight today, they will not be able to apply for asylum and will be subject to more severe consequences of illegal entry,” he said. announce.

Anyone who wants to apply for asylum, for example, will have to use the mobile application or go to centers that will be opened in Latin American countries to process applications. If they cross the border illegally and are caught, they can be quickly expelled and banned from seeking asylum for five years.

Now more than 1,500 soldiers and 24,000 police enforce border security, most of them in Texas.

The president has received criticism from fellow Democrats who accuse him of failing to deliver on his promise to implement a more humane immigration policy..

On the other hand, the opposition Republican Party accuses Biden of leaving the borders open.

During the press conference, the Secretary was questioned by the Journal Nacional about the criticism.

We have rebuilt the asylum system that was dismantled in the previous administration. He replied, “We are a nation of immigrants, and we are a nation of law.”

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