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Jill flirts and arranges a meeting with Globo producer on Twitter

Gilles de Vigor really loves is “the dog”! Former brotherBBB 21 “Take the opportunity to give this ‘enough’ to Producer Globo during a conversation with fans yesterday on Twitter.

In the new Spaces function, from Twitter, it is possible to set up moderated chat rooms, where only a few people can chat, while other users accompany them. Along with former incarcerated mates Sarah and Joao Louise, Jill decides to invite Gilbert Reno, a world-class producer, to join the conversation.

The two met briefly when Jill participated in “Esporte Espetacular”, recorded at Globo Studios, in São Paulo. But it seems that the relationship has only heated up after yesterday’s conversation.

Gilbert said, “I pretend I’m not embarrassed. I’m not kidding. I texted you on my phone. I’m a dog too.” Jill, then, he’s already out of date! “I’m here Tuesday. We can solve this,” the economist said.

A long-lasting passion

Gilbert has worked for Globo since 2017. Currently, he issues reports for “SP1”, a newspaper that runs in the greater city of São Paulo, as well as “Antena Paulista” and “Boom dea São Paulo”.

On Instagram, he says he loves “Nerdy Stop,” a fact confirmed by the photos with references to “Pokemon”, “Game of Thrones” and “Black Panther”.

During showBBB 21Among the various tweets that praised the performance of the economist at home, he got into a fight with Aloe Vera, Juliet’s feared fans who rallied expressive voices in the attorney’s opponents in the house.

When he got to know Jill personally, the journalist wasted no time. She tried to send him a private message and was pleased with the response. In yesterday’s conversation, it seems that the interest is mutual. Can we ship already?

Gill also made it clear that he does not know if he will move to Sao Paulo or Rio, but he must figure out his final destination over the course of the week. What we really want to know is when this meeting will take place. Come on, Chucky, Chucky!