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Jellyfish attack hits nuclear power plant in the UK, leading to an emergency shutdown

Jellyfish attack hits nuclear power plant in the UK, leading to an emergency shutdown


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The Tornus nuclear power plant in the UK had to prevent large crowds of jellyfish, which may have been attracted by the hot water surrounding the plant’s exhaust outlet.

The nuclear power plant off the coast of Dunbar, Scotland, was forced to shut down two of its reactors after a herd of jellyfish was spotted inside the water trap. Second Bulletin of nuclear scientists.

Jellyfish are absorbed into seawater purification filters that cool the reactors and protect them from other marine life and algae.

The plant has hired a private company called RUAS, which will provide drones to monitor the area around the plant to detect jellyfish before they approach.

“Successful surgery [dos drones] This will allow us to detect threats from sea gates at an early stage and avoid plant disruptions, ”said Monica Rivas Casado, Senior Professor of Environmental Monitoring.

The furnaces were shut down to prevent overheating due to lack of water and re-activation of them was “costly and time consuming”.

A similar incident took place in 2011 when plant workers noticed the water supply declining. Crowds of jellyfish are also responsible for the closure of nuclear power plants in Israel, Japan, the United States, the Philippines, South Korea and Sweden.

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