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The UK is making progress with the development of antiviral drugs

The United Kingdom names the glacier “Glasgow Glacier”, the symbol of the summit

More than 120 world leaders will attend the COP26 summit in Glasgow. The UK said the meeting was one of the world’s last chance to keep alive the goal of controlling global warming by 1.5 degrees above pre – industrial levels, agreed in Paris in 2015.

Scientists at the University of Leeds in the UK studied the chain of glaciers in the Gates Basin of Antarctica and found that between 1994 and 2018 their voyage from land to sea accelerated by an average of 25%. For global sea level rise.

Glaciers located in the British Antarctic are named after cities that have hosted climate conferences, reports or agreements, including Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto, Paris and Glasgow.

Naming the glacier “humanity may gather next week for the future of this planet” creates a “strong reminder” that it is “working to protect,” Johnson said.

The government official urged the leaders of the group of 20 major economies to meet in Rome this weekend to increase their carbon reduction commitments.

Johnson said the Glasgow meeting “represents the best chance of keeping the 1.5 degree target alive” and puts pressure on the leaders of some countries, including India, Australia and the G20’s largest carbon-emitting countries. China – reduces their emissions fast and deep.

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