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Jeez!  The WhatsApp function which includes chat history has been launched

Jeez! The WhatsApp function which includes chat history has been launched

The WhatsApp messaging app is constantly being updated, and it always aims to improve the user experience. Now, the tool has launched another novelty that allows you to transfer conversation history from one cell phone to another. The process just got simpler and more practical! See what has changed.

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Before, when this need arose, a person needed to make a file to support in the cloud and only then download the file to a new device. Now, the novelty allows both devices to do this in a faster and more direct way. No more wasting time!

Conversation history

The process just got simpler.

Simply connect the two devices, new and old, to the same Wi-Fi network and scan the QR code. In this way, you will be able to transfer the registry without losing anything. This applies to all file types. Which means it’s not just conversations! Media, such as photos, videos, and everything else included in the conversation, too.

But there is one detail: this transformation In a simpler way, it is only possible between devices running the same operating system. This process is more practical and safer, requires fewer steps by the users and ensures that no important files are left behind.

To use the feature, you can follow two paths.

See how it works android. In this case, go to WhatsApp settings and select the Google Drive backup option. On iOS, you have to access Settings, go to Chats, Chat Backup and tap on Back Up Now.

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To transfer WhatsApp chats to another new phone, you have to take the old device and click on “Settings” > “Chats” > “Chat Transfer” and then set the option to “Start”.

Remember that before that, you must install WhatsApp on the new device and open the application with the same number on the old cell phone. Thus, you will have access to a QR code that must be scanned to start the transfer.