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Israel denies all evidence and says it has never attacked Gaza hospitals

Israel denies all evidence and says it has never attacked Gaza hospitals

An Israeli lawyer said that Hamas used “all of Gaza's hospitals” for military purposes

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247 –The Acting Director of the International Justice Department in the Israeli Ministry of Justice, Galit Ragwan, denied before the International Court of Justice that Israel bombed hospitals in the Gaza Strip, even after the New York Times confirmed last November that Israel had bombed hospitals in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli regime bombed Al-Shifa Hospital, and all evidence indicates that the medical facilities are a constant target for Zionist forces.

She said Israel had found “evidence” that Hamas used “all Gaza hospitals” for military purposes. “Hospitals were not bombed. In fact, the IDF sent soldiers to search for and dismantle military infrastructure.”

Israel justifies its attacks on Gaza hospitals by claiming that Hamas maintains military facilities there. The group denies these accusations, and has appealed to the international community to verify the situation on the ground.

The International Court of Justice is holding hearings in the case of accusing South Africa of genocide, and the case is supported by several countries, including Brazil, Turkey, Jordan, Bolivia, Venezuela, Malaysia, and the Organization of Islamic Countries.

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