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After the victory of the party opposing unification with China, Biden says he will not support Taiwan independence  world

After the victory of the party opposing unification with China, Biden says he will not support Taiwan independence world

US President Joe Biden in an interview with the press, which he held on Friday (12) in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. -Photo: Leah Mills/Reuters

“We do not support independence,” Biden said in response to a question about the reaction to Saturday’s elections, according to what was reported by Reuters International News Agency.

actually Chinese government The victory of Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party candidate, Lai Ching-te, in the island's presidential elections was reported It will not change the basic scenario of relations Between China and Taiwan.

For China, Taiwan is a rebellious province that is still part of its territory. To the Taiwanese government, the island is an independent state, administered under its own constitution, and for decades was considered the Chinese government itself, in exile.

Also according to Reuters, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said that the election results showed that the Democratic Progressive Party does not represent mainstream public opinion on the island.

The candidate of the main opposition party, the Kuomintang, Hu Yu-ah, conceded electoral defeat. The Kuomintang is not a party allied with China, but it was the Chinese government's favorite party because it considered Taiwan and China to be one country.

Taiwan elections: ruling party wins

Lai Ching-te, Taiwan's president-elect – Photograph: An Wang/Reuters

In his first speech after his victory, Lai said he was determined to “protect Taiwan from China's threats and intimidation” and stressed that “the people of Taiwan successfully resisted the efforts of external forces that wanted to influence the elections.”

Lai also said he would use dialogue rather than confrontation, and that he was willing to talk to China “on the basis of dignity and equality.”

The relationship between the United States and Taiwan

Hours before the polls opened, Washington warned that it was “unacceptable” for “any country” to interfere in the elections.

The United States is Taiwan's most important international supporter and arms supplier, despite the lack of formal diplomatic relations with the island.

The Biden administration fears that the elections, transition, and new administration will lead to increased conflict with Beijing, according to Reuters.

Also according to Reuters, Taiwanese government officials said they believe China will try to put pressure on its new president after the vote, including by holding military exercises near the territory.

In a show of support for the Taiwanese government, Biden plans to send an unofficial delegation to the self-governing island, according to a senior US government official.

In 2016, a phone conversation between then-US President-elect Donald Trump and then-President of Taiwan aroused China's dissatisfaction. It was the first such conversation between the leaders of the United States and Taiwan since President Jimmy Carter switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China in 1979.

Most countries in the world do not recognize Taiwan as a country