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Isabelle and Alan complain about the “rule” that Davey imposed on BBB 24

Isabelle and Alan complain about the “rule” that Davey imposed on BBB 24

Isabel and Alan explain that they are upset by the “rule” that Davi imposed on the Quarto Vadas brothers. The Bahian Allied Sisters spoke about the dynamics of the game and the relationship with competitors at Quarto Gnomos on Sunday afternoon (31).

Participants reported not liking the hypothesis presented by Duffy, who recommended not interacting with the rival group. Isabel, who We have already argued several times with the application driver about soundsit was highlighted in a conversation with Alane and Matteus that he does not like to be away from other participants.

“We are on opposite sides, but… [Pitel] He's someone I admire. A woman in whom I see so much determination, joy, friendliness, strength and empowerment. We took a photo together. It broke my heart there,” highlighted Manawara about Leader of the week.

“For me, sometimes, oh, let's vote for so-and-so. You've been voting together for a long time, and for me, it's careful to follow each other's arguments. “I need arguments,” continued the sister, who once again complained that it was being proposed to her to vote for Giovanna in the last paredo. “For me it was very heavy, the possibility of this happening, because I had no argument, I couldn’t express myself.”

Isabel said that voting decisions in the upcoming Baredo elections should not “follow the majority”, but should give space to each person's opinion. “I'm voting for them, because I won't vote for you, but I won't stop talking to people. I can't do this. Yesterday Sheila started dancing frevo, I'm 'Pitel frevo!'. So, there's no way,” Alan said.

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The woman from Pará also criticized the imposition that brothers from Quarto Vadas should not interact with brothers from Quarto Gnomos. “I relate to a lot of people's lines in Gnomo, the lyrics of songs I like, the jokes they make, and I feel bad not being able to interact because of this 'rule,' which I don't want to be a rule,” he said.

Before talking again about voting options, Isabelle once again emphasized that she felt uncomfortable with this situation. “I feel indigestible, inflexible, and sad. At a party, for example, if I don't interact with Beetle I think, 'Oh no, this is a game, I need to get away'… Man, this is not me. I don't feel like myself.” “Okay. I want to talk, I want to. It's my voting choice this week, I don't know. But I want to talk.”

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