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is over! The health agent floor has finally been confirmed

Health professionals have always been very important to the entire population. However, many people may have realized the importance of these professionals only during the pandemic years, when they were on the front lines in hospitals, health centers, vaccination campaigns, and more. However, one thing that may have surprised many citizens is the lack of a set minimum salary for health personnel.

In this sense, there has been the creation of the PLP 44/2022, the text of which is responsible for establishing a floor indicating the remuneration of professionals working in the field of nursing. Therefore, the procedure involves nurses, nursing technicians as well as midwives and nursing aides. However, the project, which has created repercussions on social networks, especially by the working class who will benefit from this measure, is facing problems. See more below.

Health agents can count on this new value / image: detection
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What is happening?

In this way, what happens is that the minimum salary set forth in Law 14.434, which was passed in August and which originated in a project by Senator Espirito Santo, Fabiano Contarato (ES), is suspended for 60 days.. The suspension from the STF ( Federal Supreme Court).

First of all, the reason for the suspension is that it is necessary to provide further explanations regarding the impact that setting the minimum salary can have in different situations in the country. In this sense, both public and private institutions should provide more clarifications regarding the financial impacts, how this could affect the employability of the sector and also in terms of reducing the quality of service in the future.

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It should also be noted that the minimum salary specified in the text is R$4,750 for nurses, R$2,375 for midwives and nursing assistants and R$3,325 for technical nursing professionals.

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Approved salary limit for health workers

First, the minimum wage for health personnel was approved by the members of the municipal council of Patos de Minas (MG). In this way, both agents and community agents who fight endemic diseases will receive the value of the national land, which is R$2,424.

Therefore, the project organizing this was approved last Thursday, September 22nd. Thus, it should be noted that these payments are subject to a weekly workload of 40 hours. Thus, according to the information, the September salaries are already expected to be paid, according to the Patos de Minas City Council.

healthy competitions

Those in the health field can count on many more competitions soon. Among those already announced is the SMS Fortaleza contest. SMS to the municipalities of Palmas, Joao Pessoa, Contagim, Contests announced soon. Another selection process that will take place soon is FHMIG.

Other competitions are planned for the Minas Gerais State Department of Health (SES-MG) and the Bahia State Department of Health (SESAB-BA).

To access the other competitions available and more details about those listed above, visit: https://bityli.com/VidSNJtX.

Free course opportunity for healthcare professionals

In advance, the Open University System SUS (UNA-SUS), together with the Federal University of Goiás (UFG), offers an opportunity to take a free course, in EAD mode, for health professionals. Thus, the topic that will be covered in the course will be about Brazil’s Digital Health Strategy 2020-2028 (ESD28).

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Therefore, the course listing, which is done entirely online, will contain 40 hours of training. Issues such as governance and leadership, human resource training, support options and improvements, among many other related topics will also be discussed. However, the course aims to cover all those interested, but specifically the target audience, namely:

  • the doctors
  • Nursing technicians
  • nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Nutrition experts
  • natural therapy

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