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iOS 16 gets a release date;  Find out if your iPhone will be updated |  Operating systems

iOS 16 gets a release date; Find out if your iPhone will be updated | Operating systems

a iOS 16 Finally a release date: It will be next Monday, September 12th. The date is confirmed by the official support file of An apple In the Twitter This is Wednesday (7). Among the main novelties of the new operating system from Apple, there are new possibilities for customizing the lock screen, including more clocks, fonts, color palettes and more security functions for the smartphone. The update will be available for compatible phones less than a week after the new version is released iPhone 14successor iPhone 13 (Know all about it here). Next, find out what to expect from the new iOS 16 And if your phone will be updated.

Everything is important in iPhone 14

Some of the most useful new features in iOS 16 are the new Gallery functionality, which includes a password lock for hidden albums and the ability to save edits to reapply them to multiple photos in a simpler way. In addition, Live Text is also expanding its usability on the new iOS, with a feature that identifies elements in photos and then quickly cuts them into stickers.

Two other very interesting features available in iOS 16 are Security Check, which allows the user to see which contacts can access their location, and Lock Mode, which It will work as an advanced security mode. It targets people who may be potential victims of advanced hacking attacks, such as journalists, activists and politicians.

The operating system, in addition to general functions, has specific mechanisms for iPhone 14 Pro. That’s because Apple’s new advanced cell phone model, it’s more than just having a screen on it Always on technologyhas a dynamic notch, which varies in size depending on what’s happening on the screen. Watch more iOS 16 news here.

This new iOS will be retired iPhone 7, which will not be able to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system. As a result, only models from iPhone 8 He will be able to enjoy the new features that iOS 16 brings. Check out the full list of iPhone generations to be updated here.