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International Arts Department has been fired from the British agency after misrepresenting self-engraved invitations

International Arts Department has been fired from the British agency after misrepresenting self-engraved invitations

private: International Artist Management (IAM) has been removed from the UK's respected professional agency body after Deadline revealed it had sent garbled self-tape audition invitations to a client.

The Personal Managers Association (PMA) said in a statement that it had canceled IAM membership due to concerns about the company's honesty and integrity.

The PMA's decision comes after a Deadline investigation showed that IAM sent at least six illicit tape recording invitations to client Mark Barrett over a two-year period.

In five of the alleged invitations, IAM changed the wording of emails from casting directors to make them appear to be asking Barrett to apply for a role when she was not actually called to audition.

IAM, through its attorney Carter Rock, argued that the deceptive invitations to self-register were in Barrett's best interests because they pressured her to secure her job.

Barrett has been involved in the following projects: foreign, opposed this. The actor said he was not told he was making unwanted self-tapes, and would have refused to do so if he had been aware of the tactic.

The PMA, whose members include leading agencies such as Curtis Brown and UTA-owned Independent Talent Corporation, appears to have accepted Barrett's version of events.

The organization said: “The well-being of artists lies at the heart of the Code of Conduct approved by the Palestine Monetary Authority. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of the agent-artist relationship. Violating this trust harms us all. IAM's membership in the PMA is no longer tenable in light of the recent allegations.

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In response, IAM said it has introduced new procedures to provide clients with transparency in performance testing. The agency added that it follows best practices regardless of the status of the PMA.

IAM only joined the PMA last December, and argued in a court letter last month that it had “always adhered to the code of conduct”. This included clause 4.5, which states that agencies must “demonstrate conscious concern for the professional welfare of the client”.

In January – just weeks after she joined the PMA – the agency sent Barrett a garbled tape to land a lead role in a potential new season of the hit BBC drama. Shetland Islands.

IAM forwarded an email to Barrett from Orla O'Connor Casting. Shetland Islands The film's assistant director reportedly wrote that he would “love to have her hired” for a “top secret” role. Orla O'Connor Casting later told Barrett that she was never called in to audition.

Paul Fleming, general secretary of actors' union Equity, said he was “outraged” by the way the IAM treated his member. He said Barrett was “deceived” and that the IAM “ambiguously reflected” the relationship between player and coach by vaguely misrepresenting the tapes.

“The power dynamic that bad reps often cite is that they are essentially employers or co-owners of our members. The opposite is true,” Fleming said.

In a statement to Deadline, IAM said: “We always act in the best interests of our clients to maximize their opportunities. To ensure there is full visibility into everything we do on your behalf and there is no ambiguity as to the origin of leads, we assure our clients that we have introduced new processes For our services. We are always committed to following best practice and this will continue regardless of whether we belong to a professional body or not.

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