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Gabelli reveals the intimate relationship with Neymar and defends the frank words of funk

Gabelli comments on the feud with Neymar and releases him when defending the ban funk (Images: Reproduction – Instagram / Edit – RD1)

Jabili The interviewee was on Foi Mau, on RedeTV!, on Monday (16). In this interview with Maurício Meirelles, the singer defended banning funk, indirectly shooting, and even echoing a disagreement she had Neymar In the past.

For those who don’t know, “Ban” is nothing more than uncensored funk, with more profanity and allusions in the songs. For celebrities, there is nothing to be ashamed of, because outside of Brazil this movement is popular and acclaimed.

Cardi B and Ariana Grande sing songs related to this. Cardi B swears all the time in music and everyone thinks she’s beautiful, poetic, and incredible. Here in Brazil people want to belittle us because we sing bad words‘,” stated Gabli, accusing some people of hypocrisy over the criticism.

The artist also recalled rumors of an affair with Neymar, in 2020, and explained that this did not exist in reality: “I was in despair. That story started to grow and grow. If I say something I want a cookie and if I keep quiet it’s because I owe it to the box so I didn’t know how to act“.

Gabelli said that this misunderstanding led to a rift with the player, but explained that now everything is fine: “While we quarreled, he even unfollowed me on Instagram. Then we came back to talk and today we are fine. It’s totally masculine! “Oh, she’s a friendly player.” Just because I’m the player’s friend, should I give it to him?“.

Speaking of famous friendships, funkeira denied that Anita was discriminated against or ignored, after she “forgot” a photo of her with the mighty:Something unexpected happened and I couldn’t go, understand?! Then I went on my own to find her there in the restaurant, having taken these pictures. I think people should reduce their social media use. Social network doesn’t mean anything“.

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