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Inter add 11 expulsions per season and see psychological wear – 06/14/2021

Inter add 11 expulsions per season and see psychological wear – 06/14/2021

Lucas Ribeiro’s expulsion, at the start of the second half against Bahia, made Inter Unbelievable number reach. The team has received 11 red cards in 26 games this season. Emotional instability is evident and worries managers, staff and training. The lack of control is also disturbed by the turbulent moment.

The defender received a red card immediately after hitting Rossi’s elbow inside the area before taking a corner kick for Internacional.

The first diagnosis in Colorado, who is facing another expulsion, is psychological wear on a cast. Due to the recent swing, the defeat of Fortaleza, the disqualification in the Copa de Brazil and the resignation of Miguel Angel Ramirez. But also with the legacy of last season.

In 2021 Brasileirão, Inter have already received 11 yellow cards in three matches. In addition, three players were sent off. In the last three matches, including Campeonato Brasileiro and Copa do Brasil, five have been sent off. There was also an expulsion in Libertadores, against Olympia, with Yuri Alberto.

Inter’s assessment is that the team has accumulated mental and physical fatigue. The controversy over the last Brazilian league title, until the final round, and the start of a new season soon after, was intense.

“We are in this process of accumulating decisions and this interferes (in the performance of) anyone. It interferes with our work and the work of those on the field, for sure,” said Inter Milan coach Osmar Loos.

Against Bahia, the expulsion did not change the outcome. The team managed to maintain supremacy and left with victory. Three days ago, against Vitoria, no. The expulsion of Pedro Henrique opened the doors to justice in the center of Beira Rio. On the previous Sunday, the same defender was red against Fortaleza and saw the score 5-1 from outside.

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“We have the idea to work on this, but we can’t forget that Inter are coming from a stressful season, fighting for the Brazilian title and we went to the Gaucho final. No time to rest, to recover. We need support, support, but they know what they have to do on the pitch,” the Colorado coach repeated.

Last season, Inter received 20 red cards in 68 matches. Now, before mid-flight, he had already taken over half of the warnings. In other words, the frequency of expulsion is greater.

Inter return to the field against Atlético MG, on Wednesday, in Porto Alegre.