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Insomniac Games works in the game with multiplayer features

Insomniac Games works in the game with multiplayer features

studio Insomniac Games, known as Spider-Man from MarvelAnd the sunset over drive and recently Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, announced five vacancies on Thursday (24). Someone is suggesting to develop a multiplayer game.

In a post on Twitter, there are the following situations:

  • Creative Director: Defining the vision and quality of all aspects of development for a single game.
  • System Designer (Multiplayer): Oversees aspects of multiplayer features, mechanics, system design, and more.
  • Story Leader: Write the game’s story, including original content, stories, scripts, and more.
  • Technical Director: Ensure excellence in all visual aspects of the game.
  • Visual Effects Artist: Create sound effects that use and will aid in the gameplay, environment, and cinematic scenes of the game.

Those interested in any of the vacancies can access الوصول Official website for more information.

In addition to business opportunities, the most noteworthy in the post is the fact that the company is working on a game with multiplayer features – which can be present both in games with the campaign option and in titles that can only be played online.

At the moment, there is no information about what this game is and there are no rumors pointing to a possible answer. However, an official announcement should be made in the future, so fans of the game studio can only wait.

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